LaTeX Equation Editor (for Windows)

Tired of having to recompile your whole thesis to check if you're writing that LaTeX equation correctly? Want to typeset a nice equation for use on a message board or in your Word document?

With LaTeX Equation Editor, you can!


LaTeX Equation Editor provides you with a simple editing window in which to type your equation, and it will interactively generate a preview of what that equation looks like. The preview is fast, and if it's not working, you can easily check the log to see what is wrong. Once you're satisfied, you can just copy and paste the equation into your LaTeX document!

If you just want the equation as an image, you can get it out of Equation Editor by right-clicking and selecting Copy to clipboard.

Tip: Check out this list of LaTeX symbols when you're writing equations.


LaTeX Equation Editor does not include its own LaTeX environment. Instead, it depends on MiKTeX, the LaTeX distribution for Windows to do the rendering. Make sure you have MiKTeX installed then point Equation Editor to it.

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