CTAN LogoMiKTeX is an excellent LaTeX distribution for Windows. LaTeX Equation Editor will use it to render your equations.

Installing MiKTeX

You can download and install MiKTeX from its home page. Please note that with the provided installer, you must first download the MiKTeX distribution to a local directory, and then run the installer again to install from that local directory.

Tip: Set the MiKTeX installation to always install missing packages on the fly. This is a very convenient setting that makes MiKTeX download and install all packages you need, without you having to hunt for them.

Configuring LaTeX Equation Editor

Once you've installed MiKTeX to some directory, you'll need to configure LaTeX Equation Editor. Run it and go to the Settings tab.

You will need to provide the path to texify.exe and to dvipng.exe. You can find both of these in the following directory:

<MiKTeX installation folder>\miktex\bin
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